2014 AFM Round 4

AFM Round 4 race report!

Overall the weekend went well. I managed to shave a few more seconds of my previous best and flirt with the 1:59’s.

First race on Sunday was 750superbike. I am hopelessly out-powered in this race however I see many of the same faces and it’s one more opportunity for points and practice. This race went well and was reasonably uneventful beyond loosing my GoPro out in the weeds somewhere. I should make sure my mount and safety wire is a little more secure! I ended in 5th after starting in 4th.

I had about 15 minutes to pause, fuel, eat, breathe and collect myself before the next race.

The second race was 600 Superbike. In this race I also managed another first, and that was getting the whole shot. I was so stoked about getting into AND out of turn 1 in first place that I nearly blew turn 2. Unfortunately after a few mistakes I decided that I was way ahead of myself and dialed it back a notch. Turns out that was too much and I started my backwards slide to 5th place. I fought tooth and nail the last lap to get back 4th however despite a great drive out of 15 and some severe head-shake I did not have the power to get by down the front strait.

Once again there was a single race pause until I had to head to the grid again. The temperature was climbing and after posting my fastest laps of the weekend my rear tire was showing signs of cold-tearing. Clearly I was putting a lot more heat into it than I had in practice. I had to drop the pressure nearly 2 lbs to get it back to my target.

For my third and final race I had Formula1. This is basically the same grid as 750sb. I was beat at this point. I thought about bowing out since I knew I was not yet competitive time wise. However with attrition and sporadic entries I am doing fairly well in the season points standing. So I decided to run to get season points. And at ‘leisurely’ 2:03’s I managed 7th. I figured that was good enough for the fact that I kept it on two wheels the whole weekend.

Now I just need to really work on my braking so that I stop getting passed into 10 and 14.

Thanks again for everyone who made the weekend possible! #AFM , AFM turn workers, #Thunderhill, #Ballistik, #OxymoronPhotography, #Dunlop

And a special thanks to my #1 fan Laura!

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