AXO Aragon boot review

AXO Aragon

Finding protective boots that are also comfortable and well built can be a bit difficult. I have had boots that have been comfortable and strong however the synthetic leather has proved to be less than indestructible.  I have not had the Aragon’s long enough to evaluate their long term durability.  That will have to be updated later.  However I feel these bring a lot to the table in terms of price vs. protection.  These are affordable as far as high-end race boots go yet don’t sacrifice protection to keep the price down.

Initial Impression

When I got the boots in and pulled the first one out of the box I was greeted with a sleek all black boot.  The fit and finish seemed top notch and I couldn’t find any loose hardware or cuts/scrapes.  The exoskeleton that provides support and prevents hyperextension on the ankle is prominent and appears to be sturdy without being obtrusive.  Of course I had to immediately try them on.  I normally wear around a 10.5 us size however road racing boots seem to run on the large end so I tend to order smaller.  The 10.5 was out of stock so I ordered the 10 and crossed my fingers.  After popping the Boa dial out and pulling the tongue out I slid my foot in and popped the dial back in then gave a number of good cranks to tighten down.  This is the exact system my snowboard boots have so I was familiar with how it worked.  And once again I feel that I can get the boot tight enough with this system and the pressure is evenly distributed.  Walking around I noticed that they are indeed stiff.

Commuting Use

These boots are easy to get on and tighten up.  Not having the internal booty means one less step in getting them on.   Not being a vented boot they seem suitable for damp riding.  While not waterproof it looks like it would have to rain pretty heavily to soak your socks. The only downside is that they have a tendency to squeak like ski boots.  I am still looking for a way of lubing the joints to prevent this.  I was also able to get a standard pair of jeans over the boot as well if you were forced to wear them around.  My only grip was on my girlfriends Suzuki I did catch the rearset with the external plastic pieces.  It was not totally hung up, just un-nerving.  I was not used to this because my last boots were completely smooth on the inside of the boot.  On my Triumph I did not adjust the shifter and ended up shifting with my toe which did leave some cuts in the boot.  Again, a quick adjustment of the position was all that is needed.

Race Use


I have only had a few weeks to break the boots in.  So not exactly fair to compare to boots that have had two solid years of daily use.  However that being said they seem to be rather stiff.  Part of this is the linkage system that it there to protect your ankle from rolling in a crash.  I can hardly fault the boot for that.  My top priority in a road race boot is the protection which is what these deliver.  A small adjustment of the shift lever was all that was needed since I could not curl my toes under the lever.

On an 80 degree day I wore the boots through the entire day during the races and in the paddock.  They were not fatiguing to wear nor overly hot.  I was not itching to yank them off which is a good sign.  And even at the end of the day a quick pull on the Boa dial and the boot loosens up ready to be pulled off.


I am interested in seeing how well these boots hold up over time.  They are light, quick to get on and off and provide plenty of traction on the pegs.  That combined with sturdy bracing, sliders and ankle support I am enjoying riding in them.  AXO doesn’t make a lot of footwear but what they do make is top notch.  Also check out my review of the A2 motocross boots.

12/15 Update:

After racing with these boots for an entire season and commuting for a few more months I figured I would provide an update with how they are holding up.  The BOA system is still working great and might even be smoother than when I first received them.  Even through a few crashes there is hardly any damage and nothing has had to be replaced.  The leather is holding up well.  I could see the first failure being the sole delaminating at the toe.  My only complaints are that they do tend to squeak like a box full of hungry mice and seem to scoop in water if you encounter moisture.

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