Slipping Clutch Plates

9-23-14 / Greg Sharp

In Round 5 I had a corner-worker mention that it sounded like my clutch was slipping.  Turns out he was correct.  In my next few races it progressively worse and was slipping the most coming out of Turn 6.  Fortunately a few weeks prior I had purchased a low milage clutch pack from an ’08.

Upon pulling apart the old pack I found all the measurements within spec according to the factory manual.  The steel disks do however show significant burning and heat marks.  To be safe I replaced both the fibers and the steel disks.  Now that I am more familiar with what the subtle feeling of a clutch starting is like.  Next time I will go through the adjustment process first as soon as it shows signs of slipping.

Old pack is on the left, (lightly used) on the right.


With the rebuilt clutch take-up is much smoother, shifting is crisp and no slipping.

The upside to a slipping clutch is that I had automatic wheelie control on my launches.  I was getting some of my best starts that weekend.  Round 6 with the new clutch the take-up was great, however my launches suffered because the lack of slipping caused the front end to go skyward easily.

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